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Best and Exciting Water Sports

The Earth's surface is covered mostly by water which is 70.9% and the remaining is covered by land. From these there are numerous of water sports are created and invented. I bet that the only sport in the water that most of us are familiar with is swimming. You know that there are a lot of water sports that are fun and exciting such as sports played 'in the water', 'under the water' and 'on the water'.

To name a few here are some of the best water sports that are played for competition  and probably that are played in the Olympic games in no particular order:


This water sport is one of the famous and the most popular recreational sports that can be enjoyed by all ages. The ability to swim allow people to join and participate other varieties water sports such as snorkeling, water skiing, jet skiing and many other, without the fear of getting into trouble and it reduces the risk of drowning. Men like Michael Phelps and beautiful women like Shane Gould and Kristin Otto are very famous in this sport.

Best Swimmer: MICHAEL FRED PHELPS II (American)

Water polo

Is a team water sport also called as "water ball." This sport is played in a swimming pool consist of six field players and one goalkeeper with a buoyant ball encompassing features of soccer, football, basket ball and hockey. The game play involves swimming, treading water and using a sort of kicking motion called as "eggbeater kick"

Best Water Polo Player: GERARD BLITZ (Belgian)

Water Skiing

Is a sport riding on skis along the water surface while being pulled behind a motorboat or a cable ski installation. It is originated on the French Riviera in 1922 and was became famous in the United State by the year 1927. In the year 1939 "The American Water Ski Association" was founded and held the first national water ski championship in that same year.

Water Ski Champion 2010:DARIN SHAPIRO, Orlando, FL


Is a sport of jumping or plunging freely into water from a platform or springboard often while performing one or more acrobatic maneuvers. Diving  emerged in the late 19th century and became part of the Olympic Games in 1904. Competitors of this sport possess the same characteristics as gymnasts and dancers which include the strength, flexibility, kinaesthetic judgment and air awareness.

Oldest competitor in Masters' Diving Championship: VIOLA KRAHN aged 101 years old.

Scuba Diving

SCUBA is an acronym for self contained underwater breathing apparatus, and now it is widely considered a word in its own right. This sport is a form of diving under the water in which a diver uses a scuba set for breathing. This sport has become very popular, in the America alone there are more than 5 millions of SCUBA divers that are certified.

First Certified Diver in the World: JEAN MICHAEL COUSTEAU 1938


This sport is a practice of swimming on or through a body of water while equipped with a diving mask. This diving is like a shaped of a tube called snorkel, and usually swim fins. Use of this snorkel allows the snorkeler to observe underwater life and attractions for extended periods of time with relatively little effort. This sport is very popular recreational activity in tropical resort and scuba diving locations.

One of the Best Snorkeling Spot in the World: KEALAKEKUA BAY–HAWAII


This sport also know as white water rafting is a very challenging recreational outdoor activity.  In rafting players use an inflatable raft to navigate a river or some other bodies of water. This sports usually played on white water or different degrees of rough water for some thrill and excitement for the raft passengers. This activity as a leisure sport became popular since the mid-1970's. Rafting is acknowledge as an extreme sport because it can be dangerous for people who are not experienced.

Costa Rica 2011 World Rafting Championship- JAPAN


Rowing in a boat with a sliding seat is  known to be one of the best forms of aerobic exercise. This sport uses the muscles in the arms, legs and torso providing all your body to move and workout.  It is the art of propelling a boat by means of oars which is operated by the hands. Rowing also increases bone density in the spine which help you prevent osteoporosis.

Famous Rowers: CAMERON  & TYLER WINKLEVOSS (rowed Harvard/2008 US Olympic Team/2010 Boat Race)


Players are using a kayak and moves across the water that why it is called kayaking. Kayaking is similar to canoeing and they are also known as paddling. This activity, kayaking is differentiated from canoeing by the sitting position of the paddlers and the number of blades on the paddle.

8 Primary Classifications of Kayaking
  • Polo
  • Slalom
  • Whitewater
  • Surf
  • Touring/expedition
  • Light touring / Day tripping
  • Sprint/Racing
  • General Recreation
World Famous Kayaker: TAO BERMAN (three-time world record holder)


It is a surface water sports riding on a crest or in a surfboard breaking waves toward the shore. Places that have huge waves are perfect for surfers. Primarily surfing is done in the ocean and also sometimes in lakes and rivers or man made wave pools.

3 Major Subdivision within Stand-up Surfing
Long boarding
Short boarding
Stand-up paddle surfing

11x  ASP World Surfing Champion: KELLY SLATER

Those are just some of activities that are played in the water. If you some suggestions and additions for other recreational water sports feel free to comment and discuss.

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